Top Reasons for Paving an Old Dirt Road


Top Reasons for Paving an Old Dirt Road

The picturesque image of a pickup truck driving down a dirt road may be charming, but in reality, it has more than a few underlying downsides. That large dirt cloud following the truck is an unfortunate consequence of traffic on unpaved roads. While unpaved roads can help reduce traffic and may offer a more aesthetically appealing look to some, there are some pretty major drawbacks such as pollutants, ecological considerations and maintenance costs. When looking at dirt roads vs. paved roads, there may be more of a difference thank you think.

Keep Your Air Cleaner with Paved Roads

Driving on any road surface can kick up particulate matter, but this is a particular problem with unpaved surfaces. A dirt road is hard and compacted with nothing keeping everything at ground level. Therefore, vehicle traffic kicks up a lot of dust which goes directly into the air you breathe. Maintaining satisfactory air quality is challenging enough in an area like Phoenix with extremely high temperatures. Factor in all of the dust from unpaved roads, and you’ve got a recipe for terrible air quality that affects everyone in the surrounding area. Asphalt paving in Phoenix is one way to help reduce some of the dust and particulates in the air.

Worry About Runoff

Unpaved and dirt roads can negatively impact the environment, with their hard and compacted surfaces of dirt leading to land erosion. That erosion can travel into streambeds, choking local wildlife. It can also carry hazardous materials far from the point of origin through groundwater seepage. Dirt roads can cause their own set of negative ecological consequences, so it pays to be aware of the options and consider a paved surface.

Are Dirt Roads Low Cost?

It’s true that dirt roads are less expensive to install since they do not require any finishing surface. However, this doesn’t mean they cost less in the long term, particularly when it comes to the inclusion of potential liability issues. Dirt roads take a lot of maintenance that must be performed as soon as the need arises.  Filling potholes is not a task limited to Phoenix paving projects. Ruts and uneven surfaces can be just as dangerous on an unpaved road.

If you have an unpaved road with climbing maintenance costs or that’s causing other problems, contact One Stop Asphalt to discuss your paving solutions. We can help you discover the best way to handle the problem and turn your dirt road into a sustainable surface.

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