When is it Time to Rework Your Roads?


When is it Time to Rework Your Roads?

When it comes to dirt roads vs. paved roads, many Phoenix residents are discovering the advantages of asphalt. It comes with many benefits, but in order for it to help and not hinder the roads, you want to make sure you maintain it. Otherwise, it will begin to degrade. A damaged road increases the risk of a vehicle sustaining damage as well or two cars colliding with one another. Here are some telltale signs you need asphalt paving in Phoenix before the problem gets any worse.


Potholes form when the structure beneath the asphalt contracts and expands repeatedly. It will eventually weaken to the point where cracks form and a piece of the asphalt becomes loose. In many cases, you just need someone to come out and fill in the pothole. Without quick action, the pothole will grow larger, and the entire section of asphalt will need to be taken out. They are a huge eyesore, and people will complain about driving over them until the issue is fixed.


Cracks form similarly to potholes, but their development can be exacerbated if gasoline or oil stays on the surface for too long. Over time, the cracks will grow larger due to water seeping into the asphalt. When the temperature drops, the water can freeze, making the problem even worse. If dealt with soon enough, then professionals can fill in the problem spots. When more extreme damage occurs, you may need a more comprehensive replacement.


Any road’s asphalt will go on top of a base, most likely made of stone. This base can slowly erode, and as a result, the entire road will sink. This will happen much faster if the road sees a lot of traffic on a daily basis. In most cases, the old portion will need to be dug out, and replaced with a new portion.

Aged Appearance

All things fade over time. Due to constant exposure to UV rays, the asphalt will begin to take on a weathered aesthetic. Occasionally, this fading will occur as a result of oxidation. This is a much more serious problem because it can actually weaken the asphalt, making repairs or replacement essential.

One Stop Asphalt is the only Phoenix paving company you need. We can help get your road or parking lot back to pristine condition through seal coating, crack filling, overlaying or any other of our expert services. Do not wait until your road gets worse, and contact us through our online form. We will recommend the best service to make your roads safe once again.

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