Best Times of the Year to Have Work Done on Your Parking Lots


Best Times of the Year to Have Work Done on Your Parking Lots

Your parking lot needs regular maintenance, but that doesn’t mean you should schedule a repair job as soon as you notice the first signs of cracking. There are times of the year when Arizona weather is pretty uncooperative for a parking lot repair. Before you schedule one of our repaving, seal coating or crack filling services, consider the timing.

Summer and Winter Paving

While the summer months are ideal for paving in areas like the Mid-West, Arizona summers are not welcoming for laying asphalt or putting down a seal coating. When the temperatures get too hot, it can prevent your asphalt from setting correctly, the same way that cold weather will impact a setting in the winter. For the best results, you should try to avoid asphalt repair in Phoenix when temperatures are below 50-degrees and higher than 100-degrees. Remember, temperatures in the three-digits make for an intensely hot ground, especially when the asphalt sits under full sunlight all day.

Lots of Rain Means Less Time for Drying

One of the most significant stopping points for laying asphalt is rain, but with an annual average of only 36 days a year with precipitation, that’s not as much of a concern in Phoenix. A quick check of the expected weather that week should reveal any potential problems well in advance. You only need a day or two of dry weather to let the surface dry, so rainfall is one issue that doesn’t hold a lot of water when planning your parking lot repair in Phoenix.

Spring and Fall for Best Paving

When searching for the best time of year to pave a parking lot, you want cool to warm, dry weather. Since Phoenix has precisely that for more than half the year, you have plenty of opportunities to get your asphalt repair done. If all you need is a seal coating, you can even work in slightly cooler temps, so warmer days during the winter would be fine. The base layer needs that warmer weather, so if you need a complete repaving, you’ll want to wait until the weather warms up. For crack filling, plan to have your lot assessed anytime after the weather breaks.

If your Phoenix parking lot needs a round of maintenance, contact us at One Stop Asphalt. Our expert technicians will get you on the schedule for necessary repairs or a complete repaving.

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