Protecting your Parking Lot in the Arizona Sun: Seal Coating and Crack Filling

Protecting Asphalt in AZ

Moving to Arizona to enjoy endless days of sun sounds like a great idea until you realize that the same sun that gives you great weather also includes highs of well above 100-degrees and plenty of UV rays to punish your property. Asphalt is particularly at risk of damage, due to the way it is made. Essentially, asphalt is simply small bits of rock held together with a binder. The binder is vulnerable to all sorts of environmental impact, including UV rays and heat. So the warm weather might mean more days outside, but it can also mean more brittle pavement and an appointment for seal coating or crack filling.

What is Seal Coating?

More than 300 days of sun in Phoenix every year means a lot of heat builds up in your pavement. Plus, the black color of asphalt means it absorbs every bit of hit that hits the ground. That’s a lot of wear and tear on your Phoenix parking lot each year. When you go out, a coat of sunscreen helps protect your skin, and a seal coating acts the same way for your parking lot. A layer of sealant helps keep the sun damage to a minimum, reducing the need for ongoing maintenance. Protect your parking lot or driveway by seal coating asphalt in Phoenix, AZ.

What is Crack Filling?

When cracks appear on the surface of your pavement, it is just a matter of time before they become gaping potholes. Filling or sealing these cracks is a must to avoid damage to your property and your customer’s property. Sealing cracks involves laying down a hot, rubberized sealant to larger cracks that have movement. Your asphalt shifts with weight and wear, so cracks that move along with the rest of the pavement need equally flexible patching. When you have small cracks, say in a parking lot in Phoenix, you might choose crack filling to get the job done. With crack filling, we simply replace the missing asphalt with a new emulsion. This works well to keep out water and other damaging particles, as long as the cracks do not have much movement. Because this filler is fairly static, it does not work well in cracks that shift with weight or over time.

Call in the Experts

At One Stop Asphalt, we know paving. When you need asphalt repair in Phoenix, we can give you a complete and accurate assessment of the damage. If you catch the problems early, it is likely that a sealant will be enough to stave off more costly repairs. If you wind up with larger cracks, our experts will recommend the right type of repair for your paving, so you’ll have a bright black surface that’s ready for fun in the sun.

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