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Nothing says a job well done like satisfied customers. At One Stop Asphalt, your satisfaction is our number one goal. When choosing a contractor, recommendations are often your first stop. After all, we’ve all heard the horror stories that can come with a bad job or the sudden cost increases along the way when working with an unscrupulous company. That’s why we believe in giving you all of the information you need to make an informed decision. Our client list runs the gamut from high volume lots like convenience stores to prestigious financial institutions.

Our Clients

We work with a variety of businesses to help preserve their capital investment in their premises. After all, your location is what customers see as they pull up. A parking lot full of potholes and with a bumpy driveway can be a big turnoff. That’s why we work with companies like Chase, Hilton, Taco Bell, Walmart, Circle K, etc., to ensure that customers have a safe and smooth driving surface.

What Our Clients & Residential Customers are Saying

A good paving job starts with top customer service and extends for years to come, lasting as long as a parking lot surface should last.

And while commercial properties are a big part of our service, we also help out families at home. A broken driveway can mean more than just a bumpy ride when parking. It can mean a flooding basement or at-risk foundation. That’s why we give our residential customers the same quick and quality service we offer to businesses.



You guys rock!!!

I was skeptical and naive to the entire asphalt industry going into all of this in the beginning, so naturally I was a bit uncomfortable and out of my element when shopping around for services. I met with several different asphalt companies, but none of them had the humble, friendly atmosphere that One Stop Asphalt offered, and they kindly educated me and walked me through the entire process from the get-go. They gave me my quote free of charge, and not once did I feel rushed or like I was burdening them with my questions. I will definitely be referring these guys to everyone I know, and have found my forever-asphalt family! Did I mention my parking lot looks amazing??

Amanda Johnson

Willows Peak


Felt Like part of the family!

The One Stop Crew was fantastic! I didn’t feel like I was dealing with a commercial business, I felt like I was at home hanging out with friends and family. I’ve never known a professional business to be so personable and humble, I will certainly be coming back for my future asphalt needs! I had them overlay, seal coat, and re-stripe my entire parking lot – and it looks brand new, I have no complaints! Not to mention, the advertising doesn’t lie when it comes to unbeatable prices- I was given multiple estimates and those other asphalt companies didn’t hold a flame to this one in quality of service v.s. cost.

Gina Baughman

Olive Tree Apartments


I Appreciate The Time They Take To Make Sure

They came out and put the asphalt down, it looks real nice. Several of your guys have come back out to check on it, and make sure everything was done right & that I am satisfied with the work, and I appreciate that a lot. They’re gonna do the curbing next, and then I will have more feedback on the overall results of the job. But so far, the asphalt looks nice and the crew has taken the time to come out in person multiple times to ensure everything was done right, thanks!

George Sarver

Residence/Private Home


Gets the job DONE in no time at ALL!

I recently had One Stop Asphalt come re-pave and stripe my parking lot here at the office, and I have to say they did an awesome job, I have no complaints whatsoever.. I hate to sound like everyone else on here, but the truth is it really was that simple; they offered the best price out of the 4 bids we received, and they did a fine quality job in literally just one day… Couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. Thanks One Stop. Job well done.


A-Z Air Duct, LLC




I work directly with Calvary church (the picture on the main page of this website), and as you can see from that photo- they did a SPECTACULAR job, and we are proud to say we will be using them in the future for our asphalt projects. Can’t go wrong with this company!

Calvary Employee

Calvary Church



Great Service

I have no complaints, they made my kids laugh, gave me an undeniable price, and made my street/driveway look beautiful. Thank you One Stop.

Rachael Sterling


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