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Phoenix Asphalt Services

Here is a list of the basic asphalt services that One Stop Asphalt offers to all of our customers. In some occasions, on an individual basis, there may be other related services we can assist you with as well- simply ask us when we go over the job you’re needing done. Please note also, that ©One Stop Asphalt, LLC. services Residential, Commercial, and Municipal properties!

Phoenix Asphalt Crack Filling Service

With the help of asphalt emulsion we fill in small crack, pot holes, sink holes and gashes. It helps to prevent further water infiltration and reinforce the adjacent pavement.

Phoenix Asphalt Seal Coating Service

Applying a special level of protective materials allows you to block out possible water, oils and UV damages. Deep black surface will provide you with anti-gliding effect.

Phoenix Asphalt Overlay Service

It is the most wallet friendly way to renewing your asphalt surface. It gives you an image of completely new pavement but on a reasonable prices and without total removal of previous layers.

Phoenix Asphalt Paving Service

Asphalt is wonderful, timeless way to make a road wherever you want. Modern technologies allow us to make it resistant to anything. Usually, soft asphalt is used in cold climate, and hard one in hot.

Phoenix Asphalt Grading and Striping Service

Striping is the process of application of traffic paint to an asphalt or concrete surface. Proper grading and striping make your road safer and better.

Phoenix Asphalt Removal & Replacement Service

Complete removal and replacement is very expensive and long lasting project, in comparison to overlaying, but it’s worth it. It presupposes total tearing up of old surface.

Phoenix Fiber Reinforced Asphalt Service

Fiber reinforcement is a special layering material, made of “Aramid fiber” that helps to reinforce the overall strength and quality of foundation.

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