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Phoenix Removal & Replacement Services

What is Removal & Replacement?

Every year, your Phoenix parking lot takes a beating. Incredibly high temperatures combined with heavy use generate a lot of wear and tear. While asphalt is the preferred paving material for parking lots and driveways because of its durability, nothing lasts forever. Eventually, resurfacing is not enough to restore a good surface. When surface cracks become fissures and allow moisture penetration, it is time to consider removal and replacement services.

Signs That Mean it’s Time for New Asphalt

When you are spending a lot on fixing potholes or notice hairline cracks all over the surface of your lot, it probably means that it’s time to schedule asphalt removal and replacement. If you wait too long, damage to the surface can extend to the substrate.

What Does It Cost?

Costs can vary dramatically based on location, size, and condition of the ground underneath your lot. Before you can get a final price, you’ll need to get a look at the conditions underneath the existing surface. Schedule an inspection with one of our professionals and get 15 years of asphalt paving and resurfacing experience.

Asphalt Replacement Options

When scheduling your asphalt replacement, you have several options. If the sub-grade is okay, you can go right for new paving, and often use some of the existing pavement as part of the new material. If the sub-grade has substantial damage, some excavation may be required. There could be shallow utility lines, missing aggregate base, or incorrectly prepared sub-grade. If any of these issues turn up, the removal and replacement process will require a few extra steps.

Benefits of Replacing Your Asphalt

When your parking lot is faded, full of cracks, or has potholes, it doesn’t exactly look inviting to customers or clients. A major pothole in your driveway can send your customers the other way. They don’t want to risk damage to their vehicle just to stop by your business. A smooth, clearly marked and obviously maintained parking lot encourages more traffic. It also helps maintain property values. Like the building, your parking lot is a capital asset and its condition impacts your total property value. You wouldn’t leave your roof to do water damage to your building’s contents, and you shouldn’t ignore damage to your parking lot that can cause more expensive repairs if not handled quickly.

Choose One Stop Asphalt for Your Removal and Replacement Needs

If you’re unsure about the condition of your pavement, contact us to arrange a consultation. At One Stop Asphalt in Phoenix AZ, we can help determine whether you need an overlay or if it’s time for a replacement.

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